LCMS:Zingiberis Processum Rhizoma/10025882


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LC-MS TIC of extracts

Analytical conditions

Instrument Shimadzu LC-IT-TOF MS ESI
Column Waters Atlantis T3 (2.1 mm x 150 mm)
Column Temperature 40℃
Solvent A 5 mM Ammonium acetate solution
Solvent B acetonitrile
Gradient 10% to 100% Solvent B (0-30 min), 100% Solvent B (30-40 min)
Source voltage  4.5 kV (Positive ion mode)

– 3.5 kV (Negative ion mode)

Capillary temperature 200 °C
Nebulizer gas 1.5 l/min

Compounds and References (KNApSAcK)

List of compounds reported

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